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Sonntag 18. März 2018


CLICK & GROW – It works without green fingers

Granted, most young people much more prefer to deal with their computer, tablet or smartphone instead of listening to granny’s plants and herbs lesson. The revenge eventually is terrible. Not even undemanding houseplants, let alone anything useful like tomatoes and basil, grow in our painstakingly, constructed biotope. First, a lack of water, then it is the wrong fertilizer, but sometimes it is simply to blame on bad seeds. Either it works or it turns out as a complete flop.

Only the Estonian company Click & Grow feels sorry for totally frustrated nerd gardeners and developed a fully automatic plant system using a computer-operated software, sensors and LEDs which know the needs of the plant and respond to it. One does not need to have green fingers any longer to be a happy and successful gardener. The smart flowerpot is very easy to handle. Apart from four AA batteries and the placement of the high-tech square (20x20x7cm) in a bright place, one only needs to refill the water once a month to the indicated filling line. When the level falls below its minimum, a blue LED light alarm will go off. Everything else that the plant needs in order to grow and flourish is regulated by the software. Depending on which plant cartridge is installed in the smartpot, it usually takes between seven and twenty-one days before the first leaves become visible. Our basil was sprouting after twelve days and now – four weeks later – looks healthy and is growing bigger and bigger. According to the manufacturer, the plant will reach its full glory after three to four months and stay for approximately one year. Of course, the cartridge can be removed at any time and the plant to be repotted. Then the smartpot is ready for a refill. Currently, they offer French marigold, basil, painted nettle, mini tomatoes, chilli pepper, busy lizzy, cockscomb, thyme, lemon balm and lamb’s ear.

The glossy-white square box with 19 holes for the plant is turning heads by its futuristic design and the design satisfies even the highest demands. The smartpot has a high-quality appearance and somewhat reminds of the plant boxes, filled with imported rarities in a fauna museum. In the kitchen or the dining room, the Click & Grow smartbox is not only an eye-catcher, but also offers the possibility of the immediate use of herbs. On the desk, the easy-care and multicoloured flowers can be a welcoming splash of colour. What might sound like a nightmare to an ambitious gardener, is the rescue for the nerd-garden. We find the idea, the implementation and the results excellent and we think that we have once again found the right product for our gadgets and novelties category.

The initial purchase, consisting of one Click & Grow smartpot and a plant cartridge costs around € 46 ($ 59.99), the refill cartridges are around 18 € ($ 23.88).

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