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Samstag 24. März 2018


ROADKILL ANIMALS -english version-

On the island, the clocks tick differently. That there is some truth in this ancient saying shows this curious finding.

London, England, Spring 2005. Three friends from school with the same black humour make their first step in the plush toy industry. Their creative mind: Adam Arber. He collected cuddly toys in his childhood, loved comics and to doodle. Later he worked in the advertising industry. Today, with his two collegues Mike and Charlie he is the owner of the company ROADKILL for which his drawings function as the template for the  “Roadkill Animals.” The idea to pass roadkills as bestseller over the virtual shop counter came to him during his scribbling. “It was just an inncoent doodle.” Innocent doodles that show Twitch the raccoon, Grind the rabbit, Splodge the hedgehog and Smodge the squirrel run over with all squeezed organs. Stored in a body bag with the official death certificate these animals are looking for their last resting place.

To your information: In Britain, every year around one million mammals die on the roads, without including birds and pheasants! Perhaps that is what Adam had in mind when he put his „innocent doodle“ down on paper.

Unlike many other cuddly toys the ROADKILL animals are anything but meaningless.  Whether they are just macabre or can be seen as a cue, everyone has to decide for themselves.

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