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Samstag 24. März 2018


SPIDERPODIUM -English version-

„Daddy Longlegs“ – eight legs for your tablet

After our first English book review in May 2012 became such a success, we are glad to present the first article dealing with one of the latest gadgets in English. The Spiderpodium tablet which was created and released by the British design brand Breffo turns out to be a very smart all-rounder. Due to its eight spider legs (each about five inches long) that can be twisted in any possible way, the Spiderpodium tablet is compatible with almost all tablets on the market. The Spiderpodium can be used on your desk, in your car and even in shaky airplanes, because its rubberized legs offer a solid base to work, play and socialize. Making internet calls while working on other projects on your computer is made much easier with this clever gadget.  The Spiderpodium can be put on any surface or can be fixed on a beam or a pole. Especially handy is its use as a stand whenever the ground is bumpy. Those who cannot go to sleep withought having their tablet PC watch them, they can use the Spiderpodium as a docking station as well. The Spiderpodium seems to be manufactured on a high level; during our test stage in which we examined the “spider” very closely, we were not able to find any traces of wear – even though we bent the legs like crazy. But please be careful with putting the “spider” into the sun for too long – just like any other rubberized item, the rubber might become blowy and fragile.

The Spiderpodium tablet is with its price of £ 24.95 not a bargain buy but certainly a gadget that is useful and once you have it, will become essential. Overall, the practicality, the design and the universality of the Spiderpodium tablet are convincing. It is an ingenious and useful eye-catcher and should be part of the standard equipment of every iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kindle E-Reader and other tablets.

Die deutsche Version dieses Artikels gibt es hier.

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